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i’d been going back and forth about telling her from about the halfway home point. i’m often forwardly friendly with people if i’m tired enough or feel comfortable enough, but i recently became really self-conscious of it.

i decide to go for it as we’re standing at the light, willing it to change because it’s cold outside and i’m shivering too much to think of trying to fog the air with my breath but i’m sure it would’ve.

“can i say something that might seem creeper status?”

of course, i know she’s fine with it. which is why i was comfortable. she’s one of the people in the class that i know would make a good ra.

“you’re really pretty.” i say it almost immediately after she starts encouraging me, but she stops mid-sentence and blinks.

“i don’t think i’ve gotten that compliment before,” she laughs after breathing a gratitude-laced wow.

and the thing is, i really didn’t want to believe her because she’s gorgeous. she’s definitely not unattractive, her light brown hair the type of slightly unruly  that happens when it’s cold out and you’re walking fast. she has eyes that are a mix between green and light blue, and her cheeks, a little flushed from the walk, remind me a little of renaissance depictions of angels. and the best thing is that she has the beautiful personality to go with it.

i just want her to take that compliment, however small it seemed to me, and fold it up and put it in her breast pocket. i want her to take it out and gingerly unfold it, a glow from it making her smile and really remember just how beautiful she is. most of all, i want her to hear it a lot more often. ‘cause it’s true.

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