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dad fixed my laptop. it was a christmas miracle; he took it apart completely at one point.

i haven't been doing too much; lots of reading and trying to get going with writing. (during finals i managed to write a sherlock fic with a firefight as a main point in the story... before i realized that the police in the uk don't carry firearms... so today was spent trying to rework that, lol)

i'm experimenting with dreamwidth because i'm a bit fed up with the new commenting forms. it might not go anywhere though. i like my personal journal here. but just so you know in case if you get some notifications by accident :]
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The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

i couldn't resist the siren song of this in [ profile] readingredhead 's journal, so here i am reposting.

the fandoms in which i feel most confident (today, haha) in no particular order are: doctor who, heroes, star trek (mostly xi but i'm familiar enough with tos), bbc's sherlock, and assorted bits of the stargate franchise. i've also been known to write for house, harry potter, most disney,  and inception. if you want something else, feel free to ask.

i'm rusty and in a bit of a creative slump, i figure that a challenge should break me back in.

eta: i should add that i don't expect you to repost, i just want prompts :)
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i’d been going back and forth about telling her from about the halfway home point. i’m often forwardly friendly with people if i’m tired enough or feel comfortable enough, but i recently became really self-conscious of it.

i decide to go for it as we’re standing at the light, willing it to change because it’s cold outside and i’m shivering too much to think of trying to fog the air with my breath but i’m sure it would’ve.

“can i say something that might seem creeper status?”

of course, i know she’s fine with it. which is why i was comfortable. she’s one of the people in the class that i know would make a good ra.

“you’re really pretty.” i say it almost immediately after she starts encouraging me, but she stops mid-sentence and blinks.

“i don’t think i’ve gotten that compliment before,” she laughs after breathing a gratitude-laced wow.

and the thing is, i really didn’t want to believe her because she’s gorgeous. she’s definitely not unattractive, her light brown hair the type of slightly unruly  that happens when it’s cold out and you’re walking fast. she has eyes that are a mix between green and light blue, and her cheeks, a little flushed from the walk, remind me a little of renaissance depictions of angels. and the best thing is that she has the beautiful personality to go with it.

i just want her to take that compliment, however small it seemed to me, and fold it up and put it in her breast pocket. i want her to take it out and gingerly unfold it, a glow from it making her smile and really remember just how beautiful she is. most of all, i want her to hear it a lot more often. ‘cause it’s true.

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rip, george n parks.

i'm so sad. george ran a nation-wide drum major academy every summer (i went to the one in illinois two years ago, which is where i met him) and was the band director at umass. he reminded me of a peter pan-type figure, and  kind of resembled the lucky charms leprechaun; he was short-statured, spry, and super funny. he was very passionate about his work and has made a difference in over 30 summers worth of drum majors nationwide. he had such an intensity about him when he switched into drum major mode. it was really inspiring. he was only 57, and died suddenly of a heart attack. really really sad :( my band director texted me this morning. i almost snuck in to see the dma at school this summer, but i had to work. i'm really bummed i didn't now. george was great, and i'll always remember wrapping up the day with him shouting "eyes!" while four hundred aspiring drum majors replied with all their hearts "with pride!!"

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or, y'know, my english essay. we're doing an essay about technology usage, and we were asked to inteview people. if you wouldn't mind helping me out, i'd be super appreciative :)

1. how much time do you spend on the internet a day?

2. of this time, how much do you think is devoted to school/work as opposed to recreational usage?

3. which online recreational activities do you participate in?

4. how much would you say you use your cell phone?

5. how much of your usage is texting and how much is calling?

6. do you ever use the internet recreationally or check your cell phone during time allotted for class and/or work? please explain.

7. if your technology shorted out tomorrow, what would your feelings be and how would you deal with it?

if you could also supply me with your age, that'd be fantastic. i might be using your answers in my essay, but it will have a very limited audience (my professor and possibly a few of my classmates.) please be honest, but don't feel like this is an all-or-nothing deal.

once again, thank you! :)
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happy new year, everyone!

it's also a blue moon! :] *happy geek dance of joy*
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are there any kind souls out there who would like to explain how to add a header/banner/whatever to the top of my journal page? or do i need a paid account for that? i'm so tech-illiterate.
thanks either way :)
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mom just asked me for synonyms for happy. she was writing in a card. i asked for the sentence: "happy birthday and have a blankity-blank year!" so, i started rattling them off.
"fantastic, fabulous, super..."
"no... can you tone it down a little?"
"um... joyous?"
seriously, though. can you "tone down" happy? you can certainly ramp it up: instead of "happy", you can be "over-joyed" or "ecstatic". i suppose instead of "happy" you can be "pleased", but i don't think that "pleased" is any more "toned down." the connotation is a little bit different, of course, but it's no less potent.
oh, words.
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two words: aliso viejo.
i think i might take allie next monday (morning). i want to drag my mom soooooooo badly, lol, but she's like "i do NOT want to see that!" :(  FINE, MOM, WE'LL JUST GO WITHOUT YOU. YOU'LL REGRET IT!!

i'm so confused by people's reviewing habits on three people favorited my story, but only one of those three left a review. what the heck? :/  i write and post in the hopes that i can better my writing. it can't get better if the only feedback is "such and such has added your story to their favorite list". i mean, "lol!" isn't much help either, but at least take the time, guys! BE KIND, REWIND. i mean, R&R PLZ.
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i finally finished the audio commentary for doubt... it was one of the few only-director commentaries i've listened to, and i liked hearing about the stylstic choices (especially those psycho dutch angles, dude!) and shanley's appreciation of the actors. it was nice. and, i come bearing quotes! (because, quite honestly, i'm rather in awe of john patrick shanley, and you should be too.)

"kids were younger then." he's talking about his childhood, back in the sixties. i was quite struck by it, especially because it's true.

(okay, i know that quote pales in comparison to the next one...)

i'm going to set this one up though. this starts at 1:27:38, near the end of the epic sister aloysius/father flynn deathmatch confrontation. it's in a bit of a lull at this point, and it's quite lovely how shanley's narration just drifts over what's going on. i'm getting a little ahead of myself, so here it goes.

"of course the character that's always in the room, and that you never see, is doubt itself. 'who do i believe? what is the truth of this moment or that moment? will i ever be able to judge these people? will i ever be able to put this to rest, with a verdict?' but of course life isn't like that. we can never know what's inside the heart or soul of another human being. we can have our assumptions, or theories, sometimes they may be very solid. but we can never know.

"an adult has to learn to live with that, to live with doubt as a natural part of the equation of life, to never give it up, and to recognize that it's an asset to leave a place in yourself open for further discussion, for further thought, for further conclusions.

"the last character in this film is the audience that has their own dialogue going on throughout it--answering and judging and thinking--all throughout the story about what their position is in relation to it. i try to leave the space for them to inhabit, so that when the walk out, they have more that they want to say rather than that they are finished.

"and i'm happy to report that i've heard back from many many people that they've had some of the best conversations they've had with other of their family members,, whether it was their wife or husband or their kids, about this story and about what their thoughts about it are, about good and evil and right and wrong, and less-easy to diagram pieces of terrain."

and then he goes back into talking about how many takes he had the actors do through each part of this scene. *flails* just fantastic. i really would like to know if shanley thinks flynn did it or if sister aloysius was right. i think i might have to surrender to the "mystery box" idea on this one. i realize that if i knew, it would take so much away from the beauty with which this story was crafted.
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lol. i'm so glad that my math assignments have always been posted on a pacing guide at the beginning of the semester...

...craaaaaappppp i'm going to have to take so much math in college, what was i thinking?? (that stats [staaaaaaatsssss <3] is amazing, okay...look at me, answering my own rhetorical quesitons.)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]so... anyone else noticing the rapid decline of "writer's block" prompts?
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happy easter :)
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clip from an article off of yahoo titled "7 technologies that will save the Earth in 2008":
"CDs will die
Physical media are on the way out. Everyone realizes that there's no good reason to have a CD instead of an MP3; they're more expensive and less convenient.

And while other media (include books and movies) are going to have a longer road to obsolescence, everyone, including record companies and musicians, agree that CDs have gone the way of the 8 track."

i think i am going to cry...

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happy new year, everyone!

should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and days of auld lang syne!

for auld lang syne, my dear
for auld lang syne,
we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet
for auld lang syne! 

we twa hae run about the braes,
and pu’d the gowans fine,
but we’ve wander’d mony a weary foot
sin’ auld lang syne. 

we twa hae paidl’t in the burn
frae morning sun till dine,
but seas between us braid hae roared
sin’ auld lang syne.

and there’s a hand, my trusty fiere,
and gie’s a hand o’ thine,
and we’ll tak a right guid willie-waught
for auld lang syne! 

and surely ye’ll be your pint-stoup,
and surely I’ll be mine!
and we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet
for auld lang syne!

some weird words... but i love this song.
again, happy new year, guys.


Dec. 24th, 2007 10:46 pm
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laughter is one of the best things in the world. it's something that's universal. in any language, it will come across the same.

but what is a laugh really conveying? sometimes it's entirely genuine, sometimes it's exaggerated, and sometimes it's fake. sometimes it's appreciative, carefree, disdaining, riddiculing... it all depends. and there are all different types of laughs. giggles, guffaws, snickers, chuckles, and other types that can't be conveyed neccessarily in a word: teehee, haha, muahahaha, and even the dreaded "lol", "rofl" and others of the like. there are way too many to go into, especially as it's nearly 11oclock on christmas eve.

because this is christmas eve, there was a lot of laughter in my house tonight. my mum's family comes over every year for dinner, and my family is really funny. whether they try to be or not. my grandmother's eccentric, my uncle has stories from his military travels that span the globe, my cousins are just silly and my grandpa... well, he's irish. my family just likes to laugh.

laughter immediately means family and friendship to me. there's honestly nothing better than hanging out with friends that are like family and watching a movie or just talking, and laughing the whole while. laughing until it hurts, and still laughing after that. laughing is one of the few things that is a good kind of hurt. it's just funny that way.

laughter is the best medicine, and it's contagious too. when sitting at austere family dinners, if my mum finds something funny, chances are, i'll notice her trying to smother a laugh, and then i'll start laughing, and allie or dad will notice, then they'll start laughing at us. it goes the same way with dry lectures, let's say-y-y biology-ee-uh, and entire lab groups will be crippled by laughter for a good amount of time. it spreads like wildfire.

again, no witty conclusion because my thoughts don't rationally round up into a final impact. just that laughter is great.
happy christmas.


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taking my own challenge...

it's from greek 'tele-', afar, and '-phone', sound or voice, so literally, telephone means a voice from afar. it's one of the more recently-coined words on the list; when i looked it up, i was given the date 1844. the linguistic-geek part of me really likes it because of that. telephone is one of those interesting "functional shift" words. telephone is its own noun and verb, sort of like date/to date or google/to google. it's also one of the longer words from my list-nine letters, which is the longest any of the words are, but still not as long as my name ;)

the word "telephone" has been, for lack of a better word, butchered by time, being shortened to "phone" which, now that i think about it, lacks a lot of the charm the word originally possessed. "telephone call" sounds a lot better than simply "phone call", and, in my opinion, "i'm going to telephone so-and-so" sounds better (and, i'll admit, more pretentious) than "i'm going to phone (or now it would be 'call') this person". but that's me.

because "telephone" is not really a word used in its entirety anymore, it makes me think of two things immediately: the victorian two-piece telephones, with the piece for the ear and the other part for talking into; and the game in which children whisper a phrase around a circle to see how distorted it becomes. now that i think about it, the game is probably a bit symbollic of how news on those old victorian telephones travelled. gossip became a blown-out-of-proportion-he said-she said-times-a-billion rumor.

telephones are one of the more personal forms of communication. it's instantaneous, so it's faster than a letter. it's not as detached as a computer. the telephone is truly talking to the person in real time, with emotions clearly underlined by hearing one another's voice.

telephones, whether you notice or not, can carry all sorts of emotions based on the situation. if you're an over-the-top crushing pre-teen (which, with great shame, i will admit i was once) a telephone call can make your heart jump in hope if it's omigawshHIM, sink ever so slightly if it's ugh, just one of your mom's friends, or break if it's your friend and trusted advisor letting you know that HE just asked someone else out. telephone calls can mean bad news, good news, or, if it's the lack of one, no news at all. they can be well-wishers or gossip-fishers. they can be close friends, distant friends, old friends, new friends or not friends at all. when the telephone rings, it could be someone you just said goodbye to, or someone that you haven't spoken to in a long while.

while writing this, the telephone has rung three times, all three times being allie's best friend. telephone rings nowadays are varied. they can be non-descript rings, classic songs, weird songs, popular songs... especially with cell phones. now, no one is out of touch.

i could be thinking of a witty conclusion, but for now, i have to go make a telephone call ;)

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pick one and run with it.
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