Dec. 24th, 2007


Dec. 24th, 2007 10:46 pm
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laughter is one of the best things in the world. it's something that's universal. in any language, it will come across the same.

but what is a laugh really conveying? sometimes it's entirely genuine, sometimes it's exaggerated, and sometimes it's fake. sometimes it's appreciative, carefree, disdaining, riddiculing... it all depends. and there are all different types of laughs. giggles, guffaws, snickers, chuckles, and other types that can't be conveyed neccessarily in a word: teehee, haha, muahahaha, and even the dreaded "lol", "rofl" and others of the like. there are way too many to go into, especially as it's nearly 11oclock on christmas eve.

because this is christmas eve, there was a lot of laughter in my house tonight. my mum's family comes over every year for dinner, and my family is really funny. whether they try to be or not. my grandmother's eccentric, my uncle has stories from his military travels that span the globe, my cousins are just silly and my grandpa... well, he's irish. my family just likes to laugh.

laughter immediately means family and friendship to me. there's honestly nothing better than hanging out with friends that are like family and watching a movie or just talking, and laughing the whole while. laughing until it hurts, and still laughing after that. laughing is one of the few things that is a good kind of hurt. it's just funny that way.

laughter is the best medicine, and it's contagious too. when sitting at austere family dinners, if my mum finds something funny, chances are, i'll notice her trying to smother a laugh, and then i'll start laughing, and allie or dad will notice, then they'll start laughing at us. it goes the same way with dry lectures, let's say-y-y biology-ee-uh, and entire lab groups will be crippled by laughter for a good amount of time. it spreads like wildfire.

again, no witty conclusion because my thoughts don't rationally round up into a final impact. just that laughter is great.
happy christmas.



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